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Protected Access has been working with local builders for almost 30 years to ensure that homebuyers are getting the attention to the little details that make building a new home a pleasurable experience. PASS is the connection between the client and the builder. Whether you are building a new home or remodeling an existing home at PASS we know what new technology is available to make sure your home works for you. Do you want to hang a TV above the Fireplace? What needs to be installed to make sure that the TV works and that there are no unsightly wires showing. Where does the cable box, DVD player or gaming system get installed? You see there are many things to decide when you just hang a TV above the Fireplace and that is what we specialize in and that is why so many builders trust their clients with us. They know that when the job is complete their client is a satisfied client. Pass installs and services everything that we provide. Dayna our installation coordinator is in constant communication with all of the builders and clients we work with to ensure that the building schedule is on time. We meet with the client on several occasions. The first meeting is at our showroom where you can see and touch everything that is available for your job. This is what we call the learning session where you get to see what is available and what we can do for you. So many people we meet with say I didn’t know you can do that or I have never seen that before. The next meeting is when you decide what you would like to have installed and what you want to accomplished with the installation. Our next meeting is on the jobsite where we mark on the studs where everything is being installed so that when the job is finished everything is where you want it. With today’s changing technology we are installing new products every day and that is why we are here to help you through the process.

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